Failed power supply in Pegasus3 R6

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Nik S posted this 3 weeks ago

The power supply failed in a Pegasus3 R6 I have here.

The power supply is a flexATX 250W supply with one standard ATX 24-pin connector,  and one *proprietary* 12-pin connector with 6 ground, 3x 12V and 3x 5V lines...

I have a standard ATX power supply on hand. I observe that the whole unit appears to work fine, with *only* the standard 24-pin ATX connector powered (from the ATX supply)... I can leave the 12-pin connector entirely unplugged and seem to see no problems.
The promise tool shows all status as fine, power fine, temp fine, disks fine.

This is a long shot, but :

Is there any person on the forum or Promise person who can answer if that 12-pin power connector in the R6 actually does anything? Can I purchase a standard flexatx supply, which exceeds the power requirements on a single power rail,  connect it, and leave the 12-pin connector unplugged (I know, at my own risk, and all...).


Gautham Sakthi posted this 3 weeks ago

Hello Niks,

The extra power header provides extra current to the hard drives. The ATX header may not provide sufficient current by itself. If that's the case there may be reliability issues in the future. If the power supply is larger than the 250W stock, this potentially may not be a problem, but you would have to try it at your own risk.