Factor reset VTRAK M610p

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Umar Jumaniyazov posted this 12 September 2018

hello friends

I have VTRAK M610p model storage

I had not made his IP ADRESS

After I made Sumbit, I could not go into the storage settings,

not connected from serial port

I couldnt  make any adjustments for 4 days

how i can reset factory the machine )

with motherboard model:VTRAK Lindsay-SATA2-U320 Controller 


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R P posted this 12 September 2018

Hi Umar,

The M-class does not have a button to reset to factory defaults. There is a CLI command to set factorydefaults, but that won't help if you can't access the CLI.

Can you access the CLI or GUI now?

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  • Umar Jumaniyazov
Umar Jumaniyazov posted this 13 September 2018


Can you access the CLI or GUI now?

no CLI and GUI could not be connected.

I do not know how to connect now

how can you help me.

I could not connect to my CLI test with user manual

R P posted this 13 September 2018

I had not made his IP ADRESS

Do you know that the IP address is

Umar Jumaniyazov posted this 15 September 2018

Does the motherboard support J2, J6, JP2, J4 jack inputs and B2 battery on the motherboard?

Please answer my questions.

what are those creations doing.

R P posted this 19 September 2018

Hi Umar,

First, I would like to raise the possibility that the controller is no longer working, it's hard to tell from the information available.

Second, if you don't know the management port IP, then the only way to access the controller is with the serial port.

But first, the default IP of the management port is You can try to access the unit with the default IP. You'll need to connect a laptop directly to the management port and set the laptop's ethernet port IP to (or any valid IP different from If the controller is at the default IP you should be able to connect to the CLI via telnet (putty will do this for free) or WebPAM from a browser.

Lastly, if the controller battery is dead, then you will need a serial port connection as the controller will require that the date and time be entered before booting.