Extreme slowness of virtual machines on vess R3604fis

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amin SHEIKH posted this 13 March 2024


i have promise vess R3604fis with 10* HDD NL-SAS 12TB  (raid 5) which connected to hp servers with FC connection (directly)

The big problem we have on this device is that the virtual machines( 10 VMs including active directory, internet accounting,voip and ... ) are extremely slow and the device has a high cpu usage (avarage 80%) So that installing or restarting a virtual machine takes about 20 minutes.

Please share the solution if you have faced this issue.

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R P posted this 13 March 2024

Hi Amin,

Here are some best practices.

1. For VMs, a Standard Pool gives the best performances. If an Advanced pool was used, it is not possible to convert an Advanced pool to a Standard Pool.

2, Make sure the R3604fis firmware is up to date.

3. If you are using VMware, VAAI should be enabled to offload some functions to the storage.

4. There is a limit to the number of VMs any storage can handle.

5. Check the FC, if there are errors on the link things will slow down, possibly a lot. The usual cause is an SFP going bad. They are replaceable because they have a limited life.

6. Check the disks for bad blocks or other errors. A disk going into repeated read retries will impact bandwidth and latency.

7. If you have more than one pool and dual controllers, make sure that they are load balanced as much as possible. Half the pools should be affined to one controller and half should be affined to the other controller.

8. Make sure your hypervisor is up to date.

9. If the Vess was purchased diskless, there may be issues with the disks purchased or there may be an issue with the firmware on the disks. It's best to choose disks from the Vess compatibility list.

amin SHEIKH posted this 16 March 2024

Dear R P

thank you for reply, All these things which you mention have been done but the problem remains

R P posted this 18 March 2024

Hi Amin,

It is not possible to root cause a specific issue with almost no information. And this issue is probably not something that can be handled in the forum.

Please register your unit and open a support case at https://support.promise.com

amin SHEIKH posted this 2 weeks ago

We returned the device