Expanding a R2000ti

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Ray Anderson posted this 19 April 2019

We have (2) R2000 and we just purchased (2) J2000 to expand them.  We would like to add the expansion shelves hot but I can not find any procedure for that or anything that says what the effect might be.  Can someone point me in the right direction? Please.

Happy IT,


-- Ray


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Ray Anderson posted this 20 April 2019

Thank you!

PROMISE Technology Inc. posted this 20 April 2019

Hi Ray,

You can hot-plug the JBODs initially. Just power on the JBODs, let them boot fully, then connect both SAS cables at about the same time. Drive discovery will then take place and you can create new arrays and LUNs on the JBOD drives.

But after the LUNs have been created, you need to follow the proper shutdown/startup procedure.

Shutdown: shut down the raidhead first, wait till it powers off, then shut down the JBODs. If you use the GUI shutdown everything should power off properly.

Startup: power up the JBODs and let them fully boot, then power up the raidhead. This order is important.