Empty Backups from Trash on Mac

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Randol Schoeberg posted this 3 weeks ago

I have a Pegasus2 R8 24T that I use with my Mac.  I made the mistake of trying to free up space by moving a bunch of backup folders from the Pegasus to the Trash folder.  Now I cannot empty the trash and cannot figure out how to get them out of the trash.  Any advice?

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Ranjith kumar posted this 3 weeks ago

Hi Randol,

-Is that backup folders are TimeMachine backup folders?

-Have you tried to delete files one by one from Trash?

Please contact Apple Support if you unable to delete any files from Trash.


Promise Team 

Randol Schoeberg posted this 3 weeks ago

Yes, they are backups.  I will try apple support but all of the solutions suggested so far do not work.

I cannot find the .Trashes directory on the Pegasus HD

Randy-4:~ Randy$ cd /Volumes/"Promise 24T RAID"/.Trashes/

Randy-4:.Trashes Randy$ sudo ls 501/


ls: 501/: No such file or directory