E610f both controllers failed

  • Last Post 20 January 2022
Andras Furstner posted this 18 January 2022


We have a Vtrak e610f connected to an Xserve Apple server, suddenly the storage became unfreachable.

The web admin is no longer available, the 2 raid5 volumes are not mounting, there is no connection to the storage.

The console port works, but I get only the CLI, no login, can run only few commands, res command is not working either.

When connect to the serial port I get a SAS JBOD Console v10.05.2270.12 message and then the CLI prompt.

Since we have a spare controller I replaced one with it but this one is not working either, when turning on the storage I see a red light on the middle led for a moment and after that all leds are off on the controller, only the ethernet port leds are on/blinking, but the ethernet ports are not responding even to ping.

Could you please help me how to repair the storage or at least to get the data from it somehow?

Many thx

R P posted this 20 January 2022

Hi Andras,

Sorry to hear about your controllers.

One tip that might help, the 'res' command will just restart the controller, but if it's not booting to begin with it won't help. If you're getting to redboot as it sounds, try 'execs'. This will execute the boot sequence if my memory is not failing me.

One reason why the boot might fail is that the CMOS battery has died and the clock is at unix epoch time, 1 Jan 1970. If that's the case reset the clock and try booting again. The ex10 password reset KB might help with resetting the clock...

If it boots far enough you may have access to your data even if you are unable to login.

If not then it seems your controllers have died.

The second option is compatibility. The Ex30 system will read Ex10 disks. I'm not sure about the current model, the Ex50.