DS4600 won't turn on

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lawrence mancuso posted this 2 weeks ago

I just noticed that my Smartstor DS4600 wasn't powered on. I checked the power cable and power strip to make sure power is okay, still not powering on. 

New power supply required? Any instructions out there for confirming if this is the issue?

Pradeep Chidambaranath posted this 2 weeks ago

Hi Lawrence,

Kindly mark and remove all the drives from the unit and try to power up the unit to see if the unit powers up without the drives. If the unit powers up, then one of the drive is creating an issue which might need further troubleshooting. If the unit doesn't power up then it could be an issue with the DS4600 unit. These units has reached its end of life and has a very limited support options.

Kindly go to https://support.promise.com to register the unit and create a support ticket to update us the status after preforming the above suggested steps for further investigation.

Pradeep C