Drivers work at install, not after restart?

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Farish Media posted this 16 July 2021

I'm running a clean install of Big Sur on an old Intel Mac Pro.

When I install the latest drivers for my SANLink 10G Base-T, everything seems to go well.

There are no warnings or prompts from my Security panel in Settings, and my 10Gb network immediately appears in the Finder.

But when I restart, it's as if the drivers are not installed. SANLink Utility doesn't see the adapter, and adapter settings are not available in Network Settings.

Thanks for any ideas.

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Farish Media posted this 29 July 2021

This command did work for loading the drivers, but it was still not permenant after a reboot.

I went down a rabbit-hole of automatically executing a sudo command at startup, and managed to get an acceptable solution.

So, I bit the bullet and installed Big Sur (clean install, formatted disk) and installed the drivers.

Everything seems to be working great!

No need to use my kludge solution to load the drivers. Not sure what happened with the other install. It may have been related to the fact that the OS was on an external drive (for testing). Also, I carefully watched the System Preferences Security tab this time - maybe I missed giving authorization at some point on the previous install?

Mahalo for your help on such an old (but still really useful) product!

Raghuraman Kannan posted this 17 July 2021


Please launch the MAC system report and check the Sanlink Extension state.It has to be loaded for the device to work.

If it is not loaded, you can load them manually in Terminal by using the below command

sudo kextload /Library/Extensions/SANLink2-10GE.kext

Thanks !

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