drivers "Broken" and unable to resolve

  • Last Post 26 October 2023
Lawrence Curtis posted this 26 October 2023


Receiently purchased the mac studio M2 along with the Pegasus 32 R8 and followed all the instructions properly. However, the drivers after downloading give me a warning saying the drivers are "Broken" and I am unable to do anything. I uninstalled driver... re-uploaded them along with filter but nothing. Please help... need solutions asap

R P posted this 26 October 2023

Hi Lawrence,

A few years back, perhaps with Big Sur, Apple accounced that they had a new type of driver called a user space drivers and soon the old type of driver (kernel extensions, aka KEXT) would stop working. If you recieved a warning then you installed the wrong type of driver.

The new driver type is known as a DEXT and the DEXT driver for the Pegasus is available for download in the Promise webpage. The link will download the correct driver.

You will have to give the driver permission to run after installing, there is a popup directing you to the Settings where you allow it.

You won't need the filter driver.