Drive Transplanting / Data Transfer Between Pegasus R6 Chassis

  • Last Post 23 February 2022
Matt Stamm posted this 19 February 2022

We have four Pegasus R6 (gen1) units still in service and I'm planning to upgrade to higher capacity drives in one of them.  I'm curious if it is safe to transplant drives into a different chassis as part of this upgrade process, let's say we are upgrading Pegasus A:

- Remove drives in Pegasus B
- Insert drives from Pegasus A into Pegasus B
- Upgrade drives in Pegasus A chassis and create new volume
- Transfer previous A data from chassis B to new volume on chassis A
- Restore original drives to Pegasus B

Will the Pegasus units accept drive/volume transfers between different chassis like this?  Thanks for any help!

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Gautham Sakthi posted this 23 February 2022

Hello Matt,

Yes you can move the drives from Pegasus A to B and upgrade the drives in A then copy the data from the actual drives in B chassis.

Please note that you would have to power off the unit then take out the drives on both A and B, then insert the drives in the same order in B chassis and power it on.

The drives can be used between chassis as long as they are a r6 or r8 chassis and also if the drives are not malfunctioning.

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