Does J610s support 8TB and 10TB SATA drives?

  • Last Post 12 March 2019
Khoa Bui posted this 12 March 2019

Can I use 8TB and 10TB SATA drives in the VTrak J610s?

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PROMISE Technology Inc. posted this 12 March 2019

Hi Khoa,

The compatibility list shows which drives were tested with the J610s JBOD. We have not tested this JBOD with the today's large drives and they may or may not work.

If you are using the AAMUX for High Availability, the AAMUX itself has an address limit of 2TB. Larger SAS drives can be used, but check the compatibility list for which drives have been tested. 

Khoa Bui posted this 12 March 2019

Thanks.  I will look at the compat list.