Does a Pegasus 3 work with USB-C cables as long as 3m?

  • Last Post 28 July 2018
Christian Jacks posted this 25 July 2018

Dear all,


for our Pegasus 3 R4 I've bought a 3m USB-C to USB-C cable by Cable Tex to be able to put the RAID under the desk, in an enclosed but ventilated space. I've noticed that the RAID doesn't work at all with this cable, but does as soon as I reconnect the cable the RAID came with.

My question is: are USB-C cables with a length longer than 2m not working with the Pegasus 3 at all or is there a cable brand that sells USB-C cables at 3m length known to work with Pegasus 3?

I've tried to push our setup around so that a 2m cable might fit, but it just doesn't work. If cables longer than 2m do not work with a Pegasus 3 either way I'll have to put the RAID on the desk, which I'd like to avoid.

Looking forward to your feedback!




Pradeep Chidambaranath posted this 28 July 2018

Hi Christian,

We are sorry to inform you that USB-C cables are not compatible with Pegasus3 unit. The maximum cable length can be 2m. Kindly go to the link below to download the compatibility list to know the compatible cables for Pegasus3 units.

Pradeep C