Do Pegasus Promise Raid (Version 1 & 2) run on a Mac Pro (2013) on Maverick

  • Last Post 31 January 2022
Stefan Mangold posted this 31 January 2022

I want to upgrade my Mac Pro (2013) on Maverick (which is according to Apple possible). I still want to operate an Pegasus Promise Raid & Pegasus2 Promise Raid. 

Do they work?

would the newer one also work on a MacbookAir M1?

best regard

Stefan Mangold

Gautham Sakthi posted this 31 January 2022

Hello Stefan,

Yes the Pegaus 1 and 2 series do work on all versions of MAC above Maverick and also on the latest M1 MAC.

You need to have the correct driver installed as per the version of MAC OS you are going to run.