Disk Array and logic drive accidentially deleted

  • Last Post 03 December 2020
Tom Werner posted this 03 December 2020

Hi guys i've deleted my disk array and logic drive accidentially on my PEGASUS2 R8 within the PROMISE utility. It was configured as a RAID5. I haven't done anything else to the nas system after doing it. Is there a way to bring it back. Restore the disk arry and logic drive? Any chance?

R P posted this 03 December 2020

Hi Tom,

Assuming that this is the default array/LUN that the unit shipped with, this CLI command should do the trick.

array -a add -p 1~8 -l "raid=5,forcesynchronized=enable"

If the Pegasus volume does not show shortly after this then the array configuration was not the default. Without knowing how the array/LD was constructed there is no way to recreate it. In that case, if you need to  recover the data your option is to delete the array and contact a data recovery service.