Did R4 support SATA III 6Gb/s

  • Last Post 22 November 2021
tntxhy . posted this 17 November 2021

I have 4 micron 5300 pro in my R4, in the Promise Utility the drives are only read as SATA 3Gb/s instead of SATA 6Gb/s.Did R4 support 6Gb/s?

ModelNo: Micron_5300_MTFD              TRIMType: RZAT

SerialNo:                              FirmwareVersion: D3MU001

DriveInterface: SATA 3Gb/s             Protocol: ATA/ATAPI-11

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R P posted this 18 November 2021

Hi tntxhy,

The spinning hard drives in my Pegasus R4 show 6Gbs. These are the drives it shipped with.

If the Pegasus firmware is not up to date, maybe updating would help.

tntxhy . posted this 19 November 2021

Hi R P,

Thanks for your help.

My Pegasus firmware version is 5.04.0000.61.


Is it up to date?

R P posted this 22 November 2021

Hi tntxhy,

Yes, your firmware is up to date. The Pegasus 1 is long EOL, there's nothing more that can be done.

I am not aware of any bugs or issues regarding drive connect speeds with the Pegasus 1, but the drives you are using are very recent and the Pegasus 1 was never tested with drives like these. I have 2 old SSDs (200GB and 300GB I think) that I have tested with the Pegasus 1 and they connect at 6Gb/s.