Detailed Documentation for Pegasus R4i

  • Last Post 09 May 2022
Jeremy Laurenson posted this 29 June 2021

I have an R4i and will be swapping out the 8TB drives for 14TB drives, but this will involve setup of a "new array"

I am comfortable doing this but I would like to read up on much more details than are in the manual such as tradeoffs around stripe sizes etc etc

Is there a detailed document covering the various aspects like this?

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Gautham Sakthi posted this 30 June 2021

Hello Jeremy,

Kindly create a web support ticket by logging into for further assistance.

We recommend to go with the defaults for the stripe sizes but if you want to use for specific video editing softwares, then  you can change it as per the editing software.



Greg Christopher posted this 07 May 2022

@Jeremy Curious how this went for you. Planning to do the same.

Jeremy Laurenson posted this 07 May 2022

Nope, "Just us the defaults" netted it out.

Greg Christopher posted this 09 May 2022

Thanks for the answer but sorry to be a bit dense- Does Nope mean you were unable to upgrade the drives to 14TB?