Deleted Array and Logical Drive, Rebuilt and old files still appear

  • Last Post 29 March 2021
Matt LHeureux posted this 29 March 2021

On one of my Pegasus32 R6's, I wanted to remove all the data and start anew.  I've replaced drives and built the array and logical drive on these untis a bunch of times - but always with new/blank drives.  This time, I don't know if I went too fast and missed something.  I'm almost certain the Format option was checked when creating the logical drive.

At this stage, the 70TB logical drive is Syncronizing.  That will take 24-30 hours. But in the meantime, as I open the drive from my Mac desktop, I still see all the old files.  How can that be after I deleted the array and logical drive?  I even checked the Events to confirm I did those things.

Do I have to wait for the Sync to finish or is there something I can do to try this again?  My goal is to have a new logical drive that is blank.  Thanks, Matt

R P posted this 29 March 2021

Hi Matt,

To clear the LUN please do an 'init' or a quick init.

From promiseutil I believe the command is...

init -a start -d 0 -q 1024

There should also be an initialization option in the Promise Utility in Background Tasks.

Then open the Disk Utility and put a new filesystem on the LUN.