Copied folders are 2-3x larger than original

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Chris Robbins posted this 1 weeks ago

Forgive my ignorance.  I'm now to RAID storage.

I just picked up a Pegasus2 R6, and it was preconfigured for RAID5.

When I copy data to it from my iMac, a 400gb drive (old external HD attached to the iMAC) ends up copying well over 1TB onto the R6.  And it takes forever!  After copying the original amount of data, it continues to copy saying "Copying 0 items to <new folder name>" and it constantly says 5 seconds remaining.  This goes on for several hours (about 6 hours to copy 400gb).

Is any of this normal?  Does it take up more space because of the redundancy or parity, or whatever its called?

Thanks for any help!

PROMISE Technology Inc. posted this 19 hours ago

Hi Chris,

This is a filesystem issue with macOS. The Pegasus appears to macOS as block storage, the MAC manages the storge.

That being said, my best guess is that you have some problem with recursive symlinks.

This article explains what this means.

You can probably copy the files from the Terminal with the an option not to recuse symlinks.