Connecting Pegasus 2 to a new Windows system

  • Last Post 23 May 2018
Merlin Vandenbossche posted this 23 May 2018


We are contemplating making a switch from Mac OS to a Windows based system in some of our edit suites. One of the final puzzles I need to solve, is the possibility of thunderbolt 2 and 3. We have several Promise Pegasus 2 R6 and R8 units already in possession (so this is thunderbolt 2), we love the product and obviously would like to continue using these, even on the Windows machines.


I've been researching thunderbolt motherboards and PCI-E cards and found some information about what I likely will need. We are planning on building X299 platforms with the following board which has a thunderbolt header:

And we are planning on buying a PCI-E card like this, the first of which is very difficult to find though:


So to those that have some experience using Pegasus and thunderbolt with Windows or to those of Promise Technology, these are the questions I currently have:

- If I do happen to find the EX2 PCI-E card (thunderbolt 2 expansion card), will our Pegasus 2 units work directly on the card (if they are formatted correctly ofcourse)?

- If I can only buy the EX3 PCI-E card (thunderbolt 3 expansion card), can I use some type of adapter from TB2 to TB3 to make our Pegasus 2 work? Are there any adapters recommended?

- If we buy Pegasus 3 units in the future, can they work on the EX3 PCI-E card?

I'm hoping to find a good solution here!

Kind regards,




Raghuraman Kannan posted this 23 May 2018

Hi Merlin,

Please refer the comaptibiility list for the Pegasus 2 Series. It will have the list of compatible and tested Motherbaords for the Pegasus Series.

The Apple Thunderbolt 3- Thunderbolt 2 adaptors will wok only in MAC computers.

Thanks !