Hello, I'm trying to sort out the best backup configuration for our company's VTrak servers.  Essentially, I am trying to configure the backups using Chronosync so that it is as easy to verify and maintain as possible.  Here is the hardware we're working with:

VTrak e830f with three j830 expansion bays, 66TB ea in a RAID 6 configuration.

Eight Pegasus 2 R8 towers, 28TB ea.  

The VTraks are connected to our Mac Pro (trashcan) metadata server and all of the Pegasus enclosures are daisy-chained, connected via Thunderbolt to our Mac Mini backup server.  The Vtraks mount as a single volume on the Mac Mini via fibre / SanLink connection.

I would love suggestions on best possible configurations for the backup.  How to configure the Pegasus towers, how to let Chronosync run as effeciently as possible, etc.  Previous IT guys wrote custom scripts that never really worked properly so I'd really like to take the Chronosync / GUI / ease of use approach to this setup.  Thanks!