Compatibility with MacBookPro M1 Max (OS Monterey 12.1)

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Jean Ladouceur posted this 5 weeks ago

My Pegasus32 R4 don't mount on my new MacBookPro M1 Max.

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Raymond Sherman posted this 4 weeks ago

My Pegasus 24TB R6 won't mount either on my MacBook Pro M1 Max either. What's up????

Ralph Hodgson posted this 4 days ago

I have the same problem with Pegasus32 R4. It was working after I downloaded the new driver but yesterday after a restart it no longer is accessible. When I look at the extensions in the Apple system screen I see 2 PromiseSTEX kext entries, one in Library  and the other in System folder. The Library one shows Yes and Yes to the driver checks but the System folder one shows No and No, as shown in attached screenshot.

I tried different ways of removing the System extension but I got permission denied messages:

sudo rm -rf PromiseSTEX.kext


rm: PromiseSTEX.kext/Contents/_CodeSignature/CodeResources: Operation not permitted

rm: PromiseSTEX.kext/Contents/_CodeSignature: Operation not permitted

rm: PromiseSTEX.kext/Contents/MacOS/PromiseSTEX: Operation not permitted

rm: PromiseSTEX.kext/Contents/MacOS: Operation not permitted

rm: PromiseSTEX.kext/Contents/Resources/PROMISE.icns: Operation not permitted

rm: PromiseSTEX.kext/Contents/Resources: Operation not permitted

rm: PromiseSTEX.kext/Contents/Info.plist: Operation not permitted

rm: PromiseSTEX.kext/Contents/version.plist: Operation not permitted

rm: PromiseSTEX.kext/Contents: Operation not permitted

rm: PromiseSTEX.kext: Operation not permitted


I have raised a support ticket with Promise.

Will post updates as I hopefully make progress on resolving this.


R P posted this yesterday

Hi Ralph,

You will not be able to delete any drivers in the /Systems/Library/Extensions folder, this is a protected area of macOS.

This is a macOS issue, if you really desire to remove it you should open a ticket with Apple.


Russ Pond posted this 13 hours ago

I got it working on my new M1 Max, but it took some setup and getting the drivers correcly installed. Here's my forum post about it.