Clean install osx SANLink3 T1 Bluetooth issues...?

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Femous Productions posted this 4 weeks ago

Just did a fresh install Mac OS Mojave (10.16.4)


After installing the SANLink3 T1 driver (SANLink3T1_MacDrv_V1_52_2) when ever I reboot my MacBook Pro (2017) the bluetooth is not working.


The error is "Bluetooth: Not available"


If I reboot the system without the SANLink 3 connected, all works fine. When I connect the T3, my bluetooth keyboard/mouse stops working for 10-15 seconds and then all works fine (10GBe and Bluetooth, but when I reboot, it doesn't work anymore)


I think I has to do something with the kext loading (while booting Mac OS).


Please advise...

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Ranjith kumar posted this 3 weeks ago


We have found that you have already created the web support case id:se id:20190823140248S for this issue and we have replied for it. 

Kindly let us know the status of Sanlink3 on that case id.


Thank you,


Promise Team