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  • Last Post 28 December 2018
Lazaro Cabela posted this 25 December 2018

Has the functionality of changing your email address been scheduled for future firmware updates? Currently Apollo owners with multiple devices aren't able to change their email in Firmware version 2.2.42.

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Wendy Wei posted this 25 December 2018

Hi Lazaro,

We've tested Firmware version 2.2.42 to change email address without problem.  Please check again your email address.  Make sure nobody uses this email address as the Apollo account.  The new email address cannot be another member's email or another Apollo owner's email.

If there is further question, please go to our support system at :

Thank you.


Lazaro Cabela posted this 25 December 2018

Thanks for the reply Wendy. This is the message that I receive when I select the email address within my profile using the Apollo Cloud utility:

"Apollo owners with multiple devices cannot change their email in the current firmware version."

Wendy Wei posted this 27 December 2018

Hi Lazaro,

Sorry I did not aware that you are the multi-Apollo user.  For security reason, multi-Apollo user is not able to change email address for Apollo account.

Sorry for inconvenience.  Thanks and Regards.


Lazaro Cabela posted this 28 December 2018

Wendy, thanks for the confirmation. In order to rectify my situation, can you please let me know how I can delete a redundant Apollo Cloud device that I no longer own from the Apollo Cloud utility? I would like to repeat that the Apollo Cloud device that I want to remove from my Apollo Cloud utility is one that I no longer have. 

Wendy Wei posted this 28 December 2018

Hi Lazaro,

Please create a support case to our eSupport system at:  To help you delete Apollo device, we might need you to provide some proof to certify your are the owner of certain Apollo device.