Cant access Apollo Promise Cloud

  • Last Post 31 March 2023
Sidrit Dibra posted this 21 May 2022


In my work we used an apollo promise cloud device 6TB, and accessed it from my collegue email.

We didnt use it for a long time and now that we want to re-use it we cant access it. 

It shows the email we entered before but this email doesnt work anymore! So we cant enter and use apollo!


Is there any way that we can reset or hard reset it so we erase everything in it and use it ???

I hope there is an answer for this and i hope it happened to someone else on earth

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Gautham Sakthi posted this 22 May 2022

Hello Sidrit,

Kindly register the unit at and create a web support ticket so we can investigate further to assist you.


Sidrit Dibra posted this 16 June 2022

Hello once again! I open a case. 

Case number is: 20211206131231S.

Please have a look and tell me, because i tried many times but nothing, i cant open it.

It must be a way to reipen it, and use as a new one, even if i have to reset and delete the older files 

Sidrit Dibra posted this 31 March 2023

No i didnt open it, I cant use it anymore