Cannot remove mounting screws! Anyone else had this issue?

  • Last Post 03 June 2024
John Walsh posted this 18 February 2022

Trying to replace the drives in my R6, but I literally cannot get the mounting screws out. I don't want to strip them. Have not found anyone else who seems to have written about this issue... 

At this point I'm considering just buying all new drive carriers for the new drives... But that's $250 I'd rather not spend, if only I could get these screws out.... 

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坤 钟 posted this 24 February 2022

I actually made a similar post and no one told me what to do, I went to a computer shop for help and they took a sturdy screwdriver and removed the screws and I bought new ones to replace them slightly Tighten them after they are fixed.

Stuart Ottenritter posted this 03 June 2024

Where did you purchase the replacement screws?