Can you disable the fan in the Sanlink-3 N1 via software or hardware, will it throttle?

  • Last Post 16 October 2018
Mike Mike posted this 12 October 2018


Your Sanlink-3 N1 is the most lightweight 10gbit Thunderbolt 3 network adapter on the market, by a margin of 50%.

However, I read that it makes a terrible fan noise (here

Please let me know:

 * Can I disable the fan via some software setting?

 * Can I unscrew the NIC and disconnect the fan's power supply?

 * Does its Aquantia AQC-107S have a good temperature-throttle behavior?

 * At normal 25 centegrade room temperature, when doing 1gbps or 10gbps constant data streaming, after approximately how long would the networking card start throttling, and to approximately what speed?


Disabling the fan is a critial buying decision for me.

Maybe just doing it via hardware (unscrewing and unplugging it from the connector) is the best way. I will not use this NIC so intensely, so throttling to a lower speed would be totally fine.

Therefore I just would like to know that as far as you know, this NIC will throttle rather than crash or burn, when overheated.

If I ever need very-long-time guaranteed 10gbps constant throughput, I would just enable the fan at that time.



PROMISE Technology Inc. posted this 16 October 2018

Hi Mike,

I'm sorry but there is no software option to disable the fan. In general, any device that comes with a fan requires active cooling.

Also be advised that disconnecting the fan will invalidate the product warranty.

I have an SL3-N1 connected at 10Gbe right next to me right now and it makes no noise I can hear at all in a normal office enviornment. I don't know what your reviewer considers a terrible noise, but my SL3-T1 is not making a terrible noise.