Can't load Promise extension on macOS 14.3

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Andrei Dica posted this 08 February 2024

Hi all,

On my Mac Studio, with latest macOS 14.3,  PegasusPro DEXT Driver V22.0.2, I can't get the extension to load. In System Information:


If I run systemextensionsctl list | grep promise:


* * 268CCUR4WN com.promise.driverkit.pegasuspro (22.0.2/1) com.promise.driverkit.pegasuspro [activated enabled] 

ls /Library/Extensions returns:

BJUSBLoad.kext    HighPointIOP.kext HighPointRR.kext  SoftRAID.kext

However checking if driver is running by kextstat | grep PromiseSASTB returns nothing

Executing: /usr/bin/kmutil showloaded

No variant specified, falling back to release

I also think the manual has a typo at page 15:

Also there is no PromiseSASTB.kext

Can anyone help?

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R P posted this 08 February 2024

Hi Andrei,

There seems to be some confusion here. Hopefully some basic information will help, you are using commands for both KEXT and DEXT drivers and drawing incorrect conclusions.

First, there is no Pegasus Pro KEXT driver, the macOS Pegasus Pro driver is a DEXT.

KEXT driver Information:

This is the terminal command that shows whether a Pegasus KEXT driver is installed...

kextstat | grep promise

The kextstat command won't show the Pegasus Pro driver as there is no KEXT version.

Also, the current macOS System Report only shows KEXT drivers, it does not show any information about DEXT drivers, nothing at all. I'm sure that in some future macOS release Apple will add DEXT information to the System Report, but until then the system report can't be used for DEXT driver information.

The folder location for 3rd party (non-Apple) KEXT drivers is...


The folder location for Apple KEXT drivers is...


For some reason Apple left this driver in the system folder, but the driver is disabled, pay no attention to it. You cannot uninstall it, the system folder is controlled by macOS.

Summary: Don't use the System Report or the kextstat command for DEXT driver information.

DEXT Driver Information:

This is the terminal command that shows whether a Pegasus DEXT driver is installed is...

promise@promises-Mac-mini ~ % systemextensionsctl list | grep pegasus
*       *       268CCUR4WN      com.promise.driverkit.pegasuspro (22.0.2/1)     com.promise.driverkit.pegasuspro        [activated enabled]
*       *       268CCUR4WN      com.promise.driverkit.pegasus (21.1.0/1)        com.promise.driverkit.pegasus   [activated enabled]
promise@promises-Mac-mini ~ %

In this Mac both the Pegasus32 driver and the Pegasus Pro driver is installed.

The folder location for DEXT drivers is...


This folder contains a plist and hex folders containing the DEXT drivers. There is little point in looking here, just run the systemextensionsctl command above for DEXT information.

Summary: To check for a DEXT driver use the 'systemextensionsctl list' command and don't use anything from the KEXT info above.

Also there is no PromiseSASTB.kext

You may notice that this is a KEXT, KEXT drivers won't be installed by the Pegasus Pro DEXT driver installer.

EDIT: The PromiseSASTB.kext is actually the Pegasus Pro KEXT driver (which is not currently available for download), there are a few issues with the install guide, please ignore it. The install guide needs to be reviewed.

That being said...

* * 268CCUR4WN com.promise.driverkit.pegasuspro (22.0.2/1) com.promise.driverkit.pegasuspro [activated enabled]

If this is from your Mac, then Pegasus Pro DEXT is already installed and enabled.

If the above was not from your Mac, the install process for the Pegasus Pro DEXT driver is the same as for the Pegasus 32 DEXT driver, maybe the Knowledge Base article for installing the Pegasus 32 DEXT driver will help.

Donnell Frami posted this 16 May 2024

Some extensions may have dependencies on other software or libraries slope game. Verify if the Promise extension you're trying to load requires any additional components to function correctly. Install any necessary dependencies according to the extension's documentation.