can't have 10G speed in Windows10.

  • Last Post 16 November 2017
Hyok Lee posted this 16 November 2017

Hi all,

I have a SANLIN3-T1 NBaseT adapter. I tried to perform 10G/bps throughput test, using iperf3 between Linux and windows. A SANLINK3 is connected windows but windows showed only 6.5Gbps. 

Is there any recommended configuration for reaching 10Gbps throughput in Windows?


Dinesh Kannusamy posted this 16 November 2017

Hi Hyok, 

Please make sure you connect SANLink 3 to a windows which has the inbuild Thunderbolt 3 port and please avoid any adapter/converter in the setup also if you have a  switch in the setup then please try to enable Jumbo frames and try using any speed benchmark tool like BlackMagic to check the speed. 

Below is the Trasfer Rates:

920MB/s at 10Gb/s

600MB/s at 5Gb/s

300MB/s at 2.5Gb/s

125MB/s at 1Gb/s

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