Can't expand LUN?

  • Last Post 09 November 2020
Sean Ruff posted this 15 February 2019

Hello, I want to be able to expand my logical drives but can't find any settings on the web interface that would allow me to do so.  I can expand them on our old VessRAID 1840i... Is this feature no longer available or am I blindly missing something?

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arunkumar b posted this 18 February 2019

Hi Sean,

Please let us know if you are trying to do RAID migration or just want to create another new logical drive .

If you are doing RAID migration,

• Change the RAID level of a logical drive.

• Expand the storage capacity of a logical drive.

RAID migration will take days to complete, in few cases it may take week or month and there is no option to stop the Migration process. So the best way would be, taking a back up of your data and delete the existing array and re create a new one with extra drvies and restore the data.

Before you begin a migration, make sure your current disk array to determine whether:

• The physical drives in your array can support the target RAID level.

• There is sufficient capacity to accommodate the target logical drive size.

If you need to add physical drives to your array, be sure there are unconfigured physical drives installed in your

RAID system before you begin migration.


Please refer the VessR2600 product manual for more info





Sean Ruff posted this 22 February 2019

Hi Arun,

Thanks for responding.  I am going forward with the RAID migration.  Hopefully it won't take too long..


Jens Granlund posted this 09 November 2020

I have Promise VessRaid R2600 with 16x6TB drives. An array with 15 drives and one hotspare. A logical raid6 drive ~40TB. I would like to expand this, but i get an errror message:"Faild to migrate disk array: invalid physical drive size in a logical drive". 


Any Ideas?



R P posted this 09 November 2020

Hi Jens,

Could you ssh into the unit and run the command

array -v

and post the output here?