Can't connect to Apollo Cloud 2- flash green light all the time

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Antonio Rodríguez García posted this 3 weeks ago

Don´t know how, but my Apollo Cloud 2 doesn't work.
The problem is I can't connect to it.

On the button to switch on, there is only green light is flashing fast.

Can´t conect to the unit. Can´t recognize it on my red and of course, cant conect by my app.

I would like to reset the unit, but I see there is not a reset button

What can I do?

The internet cable is OK
The Apollo is on for a long time, waiting to do something, but nothing change
I swich on and off and is the same...

I tryed to conect with other computer introducing the serial number and key ...but doesn´t work

No problem if I loose the data, I only want to know what happend and how can I solve the problem to use it

Any sugestion?
Thanks a lot

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arunkumar b posted this 2 weeks ago

Hi Antonio,

Please make sure your Apollo is connected to the Internet.

Try unplug the power cable and ethernet cable at both Apollo and router,allow for few minutes,plug-in back the cables to see if it helps

If still same issue,please open support case in for further investigation



Antonio Rodríguez García posted this 2 weeks ago

Thanks arunkumar b

I tryed with different cables, I tryed with different places ... also I tryed with different internet conections....
I left the apollo connected for more than one day but nothing change, the red light is flashing all the time...


I opened one case to support and I am waiting for response...


Don´t know what can I do