Can I use SANlink3 F2 connect to 2 SAN switch for dual path protection?

  • Last Post 07 July 2021
KK Chan posted this 05 July 2021

Hi all,

I'm new to Promise product and seek for your advise for my queries.

I have a use case that SAN storage will share for several Mac desktop access. If this will be a proper solution that I use 2 SAN switches and each connect 1 FC connection to a SANlink3 F2 unit, then 1 TB3 connection to the desktop? Is this configuration able to provide dual-path protection for storage access?

Is dual-path configuration also a recommended design on Mac? I always build the dual-path on Windows environment, so just thinking it should be done also on Mac. Please help to comment and advise. Thanks for your great help and suggestions.




R P posted this 07 July 2021

Hi KK,

I have a use case that SAN storage will share for several Mac desktop access.

Not sure if I understand this correctly, but if the desire is to connect several MACs to the same storage this will not work. HFS+ is not a clustered filesystem and connecting 2 or more MACs to an HFS+ filesystem is a very very very bad idea. Just don't do it. If several MACs need to share the storage then either Xsan is needed or one MAC can be connected and it can re-share the storage with SMB.

Normal multipath solutions require storage with dual active/active or active/standby controllers. It is possible to connect macOS in a multipath solution, this way the way Xsans were connected.

The simplest solution is to connect each port of the SL2 to one of the storage controllers in a dual controller system. No switches are needed to connect a single MAC to storage.