Can I hook up my Pegasus 3 to my Windows machine?

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Eric Larson posted this 07 August 2022

I have my Pegasus 3 R8 hooked up to my mac Mini, but my new windows machine has thunderbolt ports also. Am I able to move the Pegasus 3 to my windows machine? I suspect I need something that allows windows to read HFS also.

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Babatunde Akinkuolie posted this 08 August 2022

It is recommended to take a backup of your data, reformat and use the Pegasus on your window machine.You will need to install the driver and reformat the unit with the pegasus  promise utility to NTFS . Refer to the product manual for more information

Product Manual

 Pegasus3 series driver for Windows (Windows 10 & 11)


Pegasus Promise Utility



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Eric Larson posted this 08 August 2022

Thank you.


So basically

1. Take a backup from the mac mini

2. Move the enclosure to the windows machine with the driver and utility installed

3, Reformat to NTFS

4, Restore the data

5. Live happily ever after



Babatunde Akinkuolie posted this 09 August 2022

 Basically ,take a backup of your data from the Pegasus R8 before you move it to your windows machine, reformat and restore the data back into the Pegasus.

R P posted this 09 August 2022

Hi Eric,

One additional note, if you want to use the volume on both MAC and Windows, you might want to consider using the exFAT filesystem. It's supported by both Windows and macOS.

macOS does support NTFS, but the NTFS volume will mount read-only. An exFAT volume will mount read-write.

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