Can I connect Pegasus3 to the thunderbolt 2 on my iMac27"

  • Last Post 13 May 2017
Palle Jensen posted this 13 May 2017


I am new to Thunderbolt solutions. Have an old fine MacPro with 4 disks, it just works, but now i consider getting the new 27"/5K iMac wich has only thunderbolt 2 out. And then connect via a Corning 100' optical cable, possibly adding a converting short cable?. I look at the Pegasus3 since its the newest and I might add a Macbook Pro which have the Thunderbolt3 ports. But maybe I should settle for a Pegasus2???

comments are very welcome

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Karthik K posted this 13 May 2017

Hi Palle,

If you have the Mac with thunderbolt 2 port you can use the Pegasus 3 using thunderbolt 3 to thunderbolt 2 adapter.Pegasus 2 can be connected to the mac with thunderbolt 2 port.Also please check the compatiblity list of cables for Pegasus in our website.