Can I buy for my Pegasus 2 larger hard drives to increase overall space?

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David Steinberg posted this 4 weeks ago

I bought this P2 R6 system in 2014 and had it in storage for the last five years. I updated the drivers, and it worked great. But as a designer, my TB space is 12TB, with Raid configured at 10Tb. Can I upgrade my drives to large 4T or 6T drives? Right now, I run 6x2TB

And if yes, where should I buy them from, sorry, I have zero knowledge anymore about what's good today since I use business Dropbox for 10 years ;) 

I would love to mirror my Dropbox, which runs 15TB and is growing. 

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Babatunde Akinkuolie posted this 4 weeks ago

Just a heads-up: the largest drive tested with Pegasus2 is 10TB. 4TB and 6TB drives have also been tested as well.You can purchase any drive model/brand of the same size by referring to the Hard Drive Compatibility list tested with the Pegasus2 here . In case those drives are no longer manufactured, you're free to choose and purchase any drive model/brand of up to 10TB, and it should operate smoothly in your Pegasus unit. Just ensure the replacement drive matches at least the same spindle speed as your existing drives (usually 7200rpm).Also, make sure your unit is running the latest firmware. You can find guidance on updating the firmware here


David Steinberg posted this 4 weeks ago

Thank you. Last question: How do I go about adding the new larger drives? Do I replace one at a time or how many can I swap at once? 

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Chi Barnett posted this 4 weeks ago

I think you should just replace them one at a time space bar clicker

Babatunde Akinkuolie posted this 4 weeks ago

There are two options to consider, but it's crucial to back up your data before implementing either of them.


1) Replace and Recreate:Back up your data from your current setup, then replace the drive with a larger capacity one. Afterward, create a new disk array/logical volume, and finally, move your data into the unit. This is the safest and recommended option.


2) Gradual Replacement:Again, start by backing up your data. Then, you can replace the drives with larger ones gradually through a series of rebuilds. Refer to the guide here for detailed instructions.


Remember, always back up your data before proceeding with any option.