Big Sur workaround for Pegasus R4i and J2i?

  • Last Post 12 October 2020
Andru Edwards posted this 09 September 2020

A bunch of our dev files are stored on the R4i, and this is the first time we've ever seen storage be inaccessible during a beta, and we've been running betas for 14 years.

Apple says we can install the driver kext and it will stay active until the next reboot. How do we install the driver for the R4i in the meantime so that we can access our files and move them off the R4i temporarily? 

Sven Flock posted this 12 October 2020

Have the same issue. Just download the MAC drivers from the homepage and run the installer. Do not quit with "Restart" and keep the window open. Just move it below the dock where it doesn't hurt you.