Best way to do both synchronization and initialization?

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Larry Yaeger posted this 2 weeks ago

I put new, larger drives in my Pegasus3 R8. All went well. They're synchronizing. It's generally recommended that you also peform an initialization, to mark out any possible bad blocks. I know you can write to these drives while synchronization takes place. But I don't think you can initialize and synchronize at the same time. If my old memories are right, starting initialization pauses synchronization and vice versa. Is that right?

Assuming you have to perform these actions in series, rather than parallel, is there a preferred order? Synchronize then initialize? Or initialize then synchronize?

Ranjith kumar posted this 4 days ago

Yes, you not support to do synchronization and initialization at same time.
Do it as series order, i.e synchronize and initialize. 


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