Best method to rescue data - Pegasus Raid HELP

  • Last Post 11 May 2020
Josef Kubicek posted this 08 May 2020


I have a Pegasus R4 with 4x 3TB disks in Raid5 . So total capacity 9TB. I use the external drive to save all my photos (8TB). Yesterday I have accidentaly managed to create image of my local disk (500GB) on the Pegasus external drive, which resulted in wiping it all clean and copying the local drive there. So now the pegasus have 8,5TB free, and all of my 8TB data are gone.

I'd like to ask here, what would be the best practice to recover the lost data? 

Thank you very much.


R P posted this 11 May 2020

Hi Josef,

Unfortunately, this is not an easy thing to recover from. There are 2 options.

1. Use a data recovery service.

2. Use commercial or freeware recovery software.

I think a good place to start would be to use a freeware program called photorec.

You will probably have to copy the files to other storage, but you can buy an 8TB USB drive today for slightly over $100.