Best approach for R6 Disk upgrade

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Peter Rex Drescher posted this 09 January 2017

Dear Forum,

Running out of available TB seems to be the ill fate of our time :-)

We have a Pegasus2 R6 with 6 x 2TB physical disks. We have now procured 6 x 4TB disks.

What approach is the best for migrating the disks to achieve the new capacity?


We are running RAID5 configuration

Firmware is 5.04.0000.36

Thank you very much in advance.

Kind Regards,

Peter Rex

Devendra Kumar posted this 09 January 2017

Hi Peter,

The easiest way to changing the RAID level or migrating with higher capacity drive is to take backup of the existing data available in the unit and delete & re-create with RAID 6 array because manual migration may take days or may be months.

Please find the below step for manual array creation or (Changing the RAID)

- Open Promise Utility
- Unlock it by clicking on the padlock located at the bottom left of the window.
- Click on 'Disk array' tab and delete it after making a BACKUP of your contents on the volume.
- Click on 'Background Activities' tab and select 'settings' below.
- Change 'Background synchronization rate' to 'High' and hit 'Confirm'.
- Click on the 'wizard' option next to 'Dashboard' on the Promise Utility window.
- Choose 'Advanced', give a name for the 'Disk Array', choose the 'drives' you want to be apart of the Array and hit 'Next'.
- ON The 'Create Logical Drive' screen, name your 'Logical Drive', Select the 'RAID Level', select 'Add' & hit 'Next'.
- (If require) Now select 'Next' on the 'Create Spare Drive Screen' and then 'SUBMIT' & 'FINISH'.

The synchronization process would now start and will take 10-12 hours to complete, you could check the status of the same under background activities.


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