Backup Software Solutions for Sanlink2 / Promise Dricves / Tandberg Tape Drive

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Stephen Jones posted this 21 May 2022

I have been running Retrospect backup software for some years but am finding that their technical support is terrible.  

Can you recommend some other backup software solutions which are compatible with my existing Mac Pro /  sanlink2 /Tandberg Tape Drive / Promise hard drives equipment?

 I am running MacOS 12.3.1 Monterey 

Stephen  - based in Sydney


Jermaine Allen posted this 3 weeks ago

Hi Stephen - I use Archiware P5 software with an HP MSL2024 LTO-6 Library.

Mac Mini/Sanlink2 10Gbe SFP+/HP LTO-6Library/NAS

What drivers are you using for Mac OS Monterey, im having issues with the BigSur drivers.

Thanks - Jermaine based in London