Backing up my NAS NS2300N

  • Last Post 04 December 2017
henri monnier posted this 03 December 2017

I have searched all over, not hit the right place yet, and decided "its time for help"....

I want to find an application that will allow me to do a backup of the NAS. I would like it to be able to do the initual full dump, then either scan/replace/add new files much like a mirror (my mirror will not support NAS drives) would do. I am not looking for real time backup, I'd be most happy with a scheduled backup onec in 24 hours for example.

Hopefully someone out there has done this, and is willing to give me that needed shove in the right direction....

Thanks, Henri Monnier


R P posted this 04 December 2017

Hi Henri,

You can do scheduled backups to another NS2300, but be advised that you will have to have the same sized drives in both units. Of course, since they are EOL, it might be hard to find one.

Other than that, you can use any normal backup software. With Windows you would use 'map network drive' and point the backup software at that drive.