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Andrew Hall posted this 2 weeks ago

The Pegasus R4 and R6 don't appear to be working with the new apple silicon (M1) devices. Wondering what the plans are to have the relevant software updated?

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Ranjith kumar posted this 2 weeks ago

Hi Andrew,

Since Pegaus R4 and R6 are legacy unit, there is no further update on this unit.

Please reach us through if any assistance needed.


Promise Team

Andrew Hall posted this 2 weeks ago

Thanks for your reply Ranjith. Are you affiliated with Promise?

It would be a shame to see perfectly good hardware go to waste because of a software issue.

John Tunison posted this 2 weeks ago

Hope not affiliated w/ Promise as this would be a significant miss on their part.  I bought a Pegasus32 R6 with my new M1 mac mini and MBP, specifically to use with them, after verifying on both the Apple store and Promise websites that they specifically call out compatibility w/ M1 / Big Sur.  Fortunately Apple gave no resistance to my return.  But spent >1 hour on Apple tech support.  Gave up on Promise tech support after 3 "can I place you on a hold" follwed by 10-30 minutes on hold followed by hang up.  Guess they're stumped and can't stomach telling customers "sorry, it isn't working right now and we don't have a solution" followed by either "and we're working on it and expect something by MM/DD" or "and probably won't so might as well toss it in the garbage or return it if you can...good luck"

Barry Sharp posted this 2 weeks ago


Can you post back saying if Promise will be supporting or does currently support the TB3 Pegasus devices on the new Apple M1 models, such as the Mac mini (M1, 2020) ?

I have several TB1 & TB2 Pegasus devices that I've been using for some time now with my aging Intel-based Mac as a file server. It supports these TB1 and TB2 Pegasus devices without issues under MacOS Big Sur 11.1. I was hoping to replace this Intel-based Mac file server with the new Mac mini (M1, 2020). However, if Promise will not be supporting my TB1 and TB2 Pegasus devices with this new Mac mini (M1, 2020) I will be forced to abandon the use of the Apple M1 computer models. This is a GREAT shame, and I'm really disappointed with Promise if this is so (said as politely as I can).

To be clear here, I'm not refering to the hardware/software support for the Pegasus1 and Pegasus2 devices such as the R4/R6/R8, and understand they are no longer supported by Promise. What I'm wanting to know is Promise going to work with Apple or provide to the user the necessary software for the new Apple M1 models such as the Mac mini (M1, 2020) to support the 'legacy' Pegasus devices. I have the 'legacy' R4, R6 and R8 units and wish to use them with a new Mac mini (M1, 2020).

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R P posted this 2 weeks ago

Hi Barry and Andrew,

I had requested information in regards to Pegasus M1 support and I now have an answer.

Promise will support the M1 architecture on Big Sur. The verification on Pegasus2/Pegasus3/Pegasus32 will be done in the middle of Dec. Verification won't be done with the Pegasus1, but it should be compatible. And this is true, I have tested the latest Pegasus32 MAC driver with my old Pegasus1 R4 and it worked with no issues. The Promise Utility identified the unit and I was able to rebuild a drive that had died and read and write data.

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R P posted this 2 weeks ago

 Hi Barry,

This is all the information I have. I'm sure there will be some manner of official announcement. As soon as I find out that the driver is available for download, I will post that information here.

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Barry Sharp posted this 2 weeks ago

OK... So I will need to check back here now and then rather than receiving an e-Mail notification, right ?