Apollo Quiestion

  • Last Post 29 June 2018
Roger Romero posted this 28 June 2018


suppose I'm on a work trip, and for the momoent, I do not have Internet connection, but I need the files that I have uploaded in apollo to work on them, is there the possibility of doing that?

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Raghuraman Kannan posted this 29 June 2018

Hi Roger,

The Apollo should always be connected to the Internet to access the files in it . Similarly, You also need Internet connection to access the files in the Apollo.

Thanks !

Richard Oettinger posted this 29 June 2018

Hi Roger,

Do you mean that you dont have an internet connection while travelling, with your Apollo at home/work IS on the internet?

The Apollo mobile app allows you to use the device to connect to your Apollo using your phone carrier.

If you need a file on a Mac or Win notebook, surely you can find WiFi to connect to, or tether to your mobile phone. Then the Apollo app will allow you to access your files...