Apollo Cloud software incompatible with mid-2019 MacBook Pros?

  • Last Post 28 November 2019
Steve Rezabek posted this 13 August 2019

I use Carbon Copy Cloner to back-up our household computers to local external drives and an off-site Apollo Cloud2 Duo. Everything works fine with the exception of our mid-2019 MacBook Pro to the Apollo. Everytime the CCC script launches for the back-up to the Apollo, the MacBook Pro fan goes berserk and the back-up fails. This does not occur on any other computer (MacMini and a 2017 MacBook Pro) nor when backing up the same 2019 MacBook Pro to local external drives.

Update: Since originally posting this, the only computer now that is able to connect with the remote Apollo is my older MacMini, running an older version of MacOS. Went back and forth with Promise on this issue but they did not have a solution. When I take my MacBook Pro to the offsite location where the Apollo resides and back-up via the local network, everything works fine. Can't be a router/firewall issue as my MacMini backs up just fine, remotely.


Shafikur Rahman posted this 28 November 2019

Hi Steve,


What is the error message of the backup failure? Try updating the utility and firmware to the latest and monitor if the issue still occurs.



Promise Team