Apollo Cloud firmware Update fails

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Ralph Heck posted this 06 October 2021


my Apollo Cloud has the firmware 0.01.0004.96 and an update to 0.01.0004.97 is available but every update fails. Any hints what I can do? 

I would like to finally update my Apollo Cloud to the latest firmware version. I am still stuck on version 0.01.0004.96!

What happens:

  • In the Apollo Mac App the update downloads and starts, but then the installation stops at 90% of the installation progress bar in the Mac app and will not resume. Retries always fail at the same point.

  • In the Apollo iPhone app, you can also download the update, it shows that it is installing and the animation of the progress bar runs through to the end (100%), but it always ends up the same: the update does not work. It is still version 0.01.0004.96 installed.



Update / 2021-10-10:

In the meantime I have tried with different Macs, unfortunately it does not work to install a newer firmware than the currently installed outdated version 0.01.0004.96.

In the app store, version 2.1.10 of the Apollo Cloud Mac Utility is available as the latest version (updated 1 year ago) and on the Promise website, v2.1.8 from 2019-09-20 for macOS is still listed as the current version. This is confusing.

On Windows 10 (latest updates installed), I also tried unsuccessfully today with Apollo Cloud Windows Utility v2.1.11 from 2019-11-27 as the latest download version at Promise.com.

Is there no further development of the software at Promise anymore? Can't even install existing newer firmware versions because there are no more current apps for current OS versions?

According to Promise.com, the Apollo Cloud device has not yet reached the end of its service life. However, new software has not been available for at least 1 year.

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Ralph Heck posted this 16 October 2021


I have completely reseted the Apollo Cloud and after that I was able to install the firmware update completely. So copy data back to the Apollo Cloud and trust or hope that future updates will work directly and not fail due to unknown reasons.

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