Apollo Cloud as External Storage

  • Last Post 06 January 2017
Greg Harris posted this 05 January 2017

I want to use Apollo Cloud as an external storage device -- store files on it that will NOT be kept on my MacBook -- and not as a synchronized folder.  Am I correct in understanding that I should not then place files in the Apollo folder that appears on the left of the Finder screen?  If so, how can I move files to Apollo Cloud but then know it is safe to delete them from my MacBook?

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  • Yu Qin
Yu Qin posted this 06 January 2017

For testing purpose, you can directly add a photo by clicking "add" in the utility and select a random photo. It'll be uploaded in a minute. When you upload it in a folder that is not "synced", you can delete the photo from you MacBook and access the same photo from your mobile phone or another device through Apollo.

On the contrary, if you upload the photo to a "synced" folder, and you delete the photo from your MacBook, that means the photo will be deleted from Apollo as well.

To make a folder "synced" go to settings ( = the gear icon ) and check the box in front of the folder name. To make it not "synced" you can uncheck the box. 

I just tested this a minute ago, and it worked on my device.