Anyone have experience using 14TB Drives on Pegasus2 R4?

  • Last Post 07 May 2022
Robert Redfield posted this 18 April 2022

While the official stance by Promise Technology states the max drive capacity for the Pegasus2 R4 is 10TB, has anyone successfully used 14TB or larger?



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Gautham Sakthi posted this 19 April 2022

Hello Robert,

The Pegasus 2 R4 has been tested with only 10 TB drives as max so this configuration may or may not work. Please refer to below list for the tested drives.

Robert Redfield posted this 19 April 2022

Hi Gautham,

Yes, I understand that's the published statement from Promise. Is there a technical reason why 10TB is the max or is it because it was the largest tested? Thanks for your thoughts.



Greg Christopher posted this 07 May 2022

I have a similar question for the R4i.

I think it's safe to answer this. We know it's not supported.