All Red Lights Pegasus3 R8

  • Last Post 01 September 2021
Dean Smith posted this 27 August 2021

I placed 8 10TB hard drives from my Pegasus32 R8  in my Pegasus3 R8 and it work for months. Today suddenly got all red lights on my Pegasus3 R8. Promise Utility said all drives removed. Now the Toshiba 10T hard drives get all red lights in the Pegasus32 R8 and all my Pegasus3 R8s. What does this mean? All 8 Toshiba 10TB hard drives could not have gone bad at the same time. I have tons of videos on those 8 10TB Toshibas that I would like to recover. Any ideas? 

Raghuraman Kannan posted this 01 September 2021

Hi Dean,

We see the issue has been resolved . Please reply to the case for any issues.

Thanks !