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Alexey Shubin posted this 25 July 2023

Hi all.

I use Promise VTrek E5800fd (firmware 11.07.0000.18) together with FC HBA LPe31002-AP (firmware 14.2.539.16, driver 14.2.537.0). I can't use the MPIO driver because I don't have a server OS (Win 10 Pro 22H2).

I got the following problem :

When the FC is disconnected from controller 1 and connected to controller 2, the volume is determined by the system as not initialized (I connect not simultaneously to both controllers, but separately).

When I disconnect the FC from controller 2 and connect it to controller 1, the volume is determined correctly.

We did not find such a problem with the HBA ATTO Celerity FC-81EN.

Can you suggest what could be the problem?


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R P posted this 25 July 2023

Hi Alexey,

It sounds like LUNaffinity and ALUA are enabled (which is default), a LUN will only be visible from the controller it is affined to.

If a LUN is affined to controller 1, and there is a failover and controller 2 takes over, the affinity will be changed from controller 1 to controller 2.

If you want the LUNs to be visible from both controllers for some reason, you'll need to disable LUNaffinity and ALUA from the controller settings.

I'm not clear what the problem is in this case, with Windows Home you should only connect to one port on one controller and there is no path redundancy at the server side, you'd need MPIO for that.

Also, please don't connect more than one computer to a LUN unless there is a clustered filesystem (like VMfs). Bad things will happen.

Alexey Shubin posted this 26 July 2023

Hi, Admin.


Many thanks for the detailed answer.

I did not think and did not know about these controller settings,

now I know.

I came to the conclusion that for my task, it would be better to use the Server OS and MPIO, which I actually did (on Server 2016), now everything works correctly.

But a new bug has appeared, incorrect display of the LD synchronization progress, after reconnecting controllers 1 or 2.

This causes a stop, and then the start of synchronization.

I saw a lot of bug fixes in FW: 11.07.0000.57, but I didn’t see exactly this there. Now I can not update yet, until the end of the synchronization process.

R P posted this 26 July 2023

Hi Alexey,

Bugs can't be filed against old firmware (the issue may already have been fixed), if the issue persists after the firmware update please let me know.

Alexey Shubin posted this 29 July 2023

 Hi, RP.


I updated the firmware to version 11.07.0000.57, but after the sync process, so I can't say if it somehow affected or not.

I'll be able to tell when the new volumes are created (I think in a few months).

I found out that this is not an incorrect display of the synchronization process. When connecting / disconnecting the FC, synchronization stops on the controller and starts on another controller, from the initial state.

If you connect the FC to the controller back, it will continue synchronization from the moment it left off.