After replacing bad drive on Pegasus R8, 3 other drives suddenly go down.

  • Last Post 19 August 2020
W. Ross Wells posted this 18 August 2020


Yesterday drive 6 of my R8 array went bad. I replaced the drive and suddenly drives 3,4 and 5 are down. 3 and 5 are showing dead and 4 doesn't show up at all. I reseated drives, updated firmware. It doesn't seem likely that 3 drives would malfunction at the same time. 4 gives an "Invalid physical ID in the data buffer" error when I try to force it online.

This is everything I am working on right now. If there is anyway out of this I would be grateful for you help.

Thank you,


Ranjith kumar posted this 19 August 2020

Hi Ross,

Kindly don't try to force online the drives without our suggestion, it may lead to data loss.

Please reach us through creating web support case id and also attach the subsystem report in 

the case id to assist you.

Thank you,


Promise Team