After Clean Install Desktop does not see 8TB J2i drive

  • Last Post 31 January 2024
ralph Dee posted this 29 January 2024

I don't know what happened to mty Time Machine back up on the J2i drive. 

I did a clean install of the OS on my main hardrive and after the the install was complete and the unit booted up I don't see the j2i drive.

Tried all the obvious in the fnder preferences. I took a screen shot of Disk Utility see below.


R P posted this 31 January 2024

Hi Ralph,

First, have you rebooted after the install? Sometimes this is necessary for some reason.

The disk is seen, but not the filesystem. The simplest thing here is to run First Aid on the disk and see if it brings back the filesystem.

If it does not, Disk Warrior is the best way to recover a filesystem.